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Asian Studies

Over the coming years, Mentone Primary will be incorporating Asian Studies further into our curriculum. The areas which will be explored will be:

Learning will be provided through a variety of avenues such as public speakers, excursions, incursions, explorative activities and explicit teaching. The study of Asia will also be integrated into our teaching and learning programs through the key learning domains such as English and Mathematics. Students will gradually develop a wider understanding of Asia and the relationship between Asia and Australia.

LOTE - Indonesian

Indonesian has been a key learning area at Mentone Primary for many years now. The sequential Prep to 6 learning program emphasises the language, culture and society of Indonesia. Recent highlights for our Indonesian program include:

Mentone Primary has continued to build a relationship with the Menteng Sekolah in Jakarta, Indonesia. Teachers and children from this school have visited Mentone Primary. This ignited enthusiasm for learning and enabled our students, teachers and the community to gain a greater insight into Indonesia.

Our long term goal which we continue to work towards, is to create a learning program which transcends the boundaries of our school by linking our neighbouring communities and Indonesian communities.