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Student wellbeing is a high priority at Mentone Primary School as emotional and social health go hand in hand with student engagement and learning. It is important to us to nurture our students to achieve to the best of their abilities. Our 5 key school values are Respect, Friendliness, Responsibility, Caring and Teamwork.

We begin Term 1 with a concentrated two week period where we incorporate the teaching of the school values into our ‘getting- to- know-you’ class activities. The class rules are developed and we meet and learn about our new class members. From this framework we then follow the “You Can Do It Program”. Explicit teaching and specific activities are completed and You Can Do It certificates are presented at Friday assemblies to acknowledge children who exhibit appropriate ‘key to success’ qualities in the classroom and playground.

We have a strong Buddy program where the younger grades are buddied up with older grades. The children’s grades meet frequently and complete activities together and from these wonderful friendships develop.


The You Can Do It program’s main purpose is to identify the social and emotional capabilities that all children need to acquire in order to be successful in school and life. It ensures their well-being and encourages them to have positive relationships with others.
The 5 Keys to Success are:

CONFIDENCE- being independent, accepting myself, taking risks
ORGANISATION- goal setting, planning my time
PERSISTENCE- working tough, giving effort, I can do it.
GETTING ALONG- playing by the rules, thinking first, responsibility, tolerance
RESILIENCE- self control, bouncing back, other people’s point of view, emotional intelligence.

 At Mentone Primary School we focus on a new ‘Key to Success’ each term. Our weekly whole school assembly acknowledges students who have demonstrated the qualities of the key. Students receive a peer-designed certificate for their efforts. We have the keys displayed in a prominent position in the yard, all students learn the key song in Music during the term and we highlight aspects of the theme in assembly each week through a variety of performances presented by the different grades.
The You Can Do It program, language and concepts are becoming embedded across all aspects of school life at Mentone Primary. Lessons are taught in all grade levels and each learning space in the school displays the 5 Keys to Success to remind us to stay positive.

Children are encouraged to use positive thinking in their everyday lives which are reinforced through the use of the ‘12 Habits of the Mind’. These habits underpin the 5 foundations of the ‘You Can Do It’ Program. The 12 Habits are: Accepting Myself, Taking Risks, Being Independent, I Can Do It, Giving Effort, Working Tough, Setting Goals, Planning My Time, Being Tolerant of Others, Thinking First, Playing by the Rules, and Social Responsibility.